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July 2014 - Famoe - Changes Album out now

After 2 Years of hard work we are proud 2 announce that the new Album is

worldwide in stores. Get it on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Goggleplay.

Enjoy a 10 Track Album with different Styles and amazing features.


April 2014 - Album Trailer Changes availbale on Youtube

From now on, the official Album Trailer Changes is available to watch on Famoe’s Youtube Channel.

March 2014 - Changes is ready for the Mastering

As you already know, the next moves for “Changes” are the final sounding touches, that gives the album that extra feeling. On March 28th we have a Mastering date at the Hofa Studios in Karlsdorf / Germany, to finalize the album. We also have a release date for “Changes” JUNE 28th 2014. Rap & Rhymes Records is releasing Famoe’s Album like always through a Digital Distribution and also a limited physical press Edition of 500 Cd’s. Now we about to set up some interviews and radio shows for the album and planing a little tour to get as much exposure as possible.

February 2014 - Famoe & The Titans done with Album Recordings

After a long run to producing the new album “Changes” the Mixdowns and recording sessions are over. We had a lot of meetings and bizness moves behind to find out, in what direction we promote and also release this project. We count 2 years since the last time Famoe released something in the music industry.  Changes is produced by The Titans / Germany, we have also Major Artists on that playlist, a Music Distributor is already there, but there will be also a option to release “Changes” through another Label. Let’s see what happen in the next few weeks....
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